“Hesitation of any kind is a sign of mental decay in the young, of physical weakness in the old.”

Sadeian Woman - Angela Carter

“To blog or not to blog” is a question that I have ruminated over for a number of years, having been repeatedly encouraged to commit my thoughts to [e]paper by my mother, since she – in what I believe to be an almost universal parent/offspring phenomenon – has much more faith in my calibre as a writer than I do.

At my most optimistic, I envisioned myself at my clapped-out laptop (who, by the way, was christened ‘Reliable Rodney’ after surviving countless bed-to-carpet tumbles in my first year at university) in a Carrie Bradshaw-esque tableau vivant, words having issued effortlessly from my fingertips whilst my own voice narrated this snapshot of my upward trajectory towards book-deal victory. How irresistible.

Of course, anyone with any knowledge of the Sex and the City franchise will know that Ms Bradshaw’s writing process is anything but effortless, and her path towards that elusive book deal is peppered with doubt and driven only by her formidable determination. It is at this point in my reverie that I would steadfastly talk myself out of the notion of starting a blog – ‘I am far too committed to my studies’, ‘I simply don’t have the time to spare’ I say, languidly draped over my bed and in the middle of the BBC’s 1995 Pride and Prejudice dramatisation for the umpteenth time. I am the first to admit these excuses are even poorer than my opinion of my own writing, and in hindsight, utterly ridiculous considering my love of books has carried me through a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in English Literature – surely I should have jumped at the chance of sharing this love with a wider audience than my friends and lecturers?

Well, no, actually. My crippling self-doubt is a force to be reckoned with. Furthermore, the longer I allowed myself to be a slave to my own delusions of perpetual academic toil, the more intensely I feared being terribly outdated – am I not too late to the blogging party?

Having found myself at a loose end (hopelessly unemployed) after my Master’s, however, I have finally summoned the courage (… and the time… [haha]) to banish my hesitancy and bite the blogging-bullet. Of course, now that the decision has been made to embark upon this mission, I am now faced with the challenge of deciding the focus and nature of my blog. Should it be astutely critical? An expressly academic beast bent upon applying complex literary theory to any and every book I choose? Do I even have the flair to pull that type of thing off in an entertaining manner? Probably not. As such, I have decided to promise you nothing as of yet. Rather, I shall merely extend you an invitation to skim over my forthcoming literary musings, meditations, and snippets from my inner monologue as I finally act upon my mother’s stout advice.


2 thoughts on ““Hesitation of any kind is a sign of mental decay in the young, of physical weakness in the old.”

  1. Welcome young blogger! You have inspired me to take up my mouse and blog again – though mine will be somewhat less literary and more focussed around needles and hooks…unless reviewing a pattern book counted!

    Oh… and aunties, uncles and grandparents also have faith in your writing abilities so no more self doubt….go forth and blogiply!


    • Thank you thank you, far too kind! We shall see how it goes, at the moment it seems a more daunting prospect than an exciting one but I’ll find my stride. I’m glad to have inspired you, it is now the perfect weather to blog about fabulous thick yarns and blankets – I am mid blanket myself (although I’m crocheting, and am very amateur!).

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